Foam Monster® Demo Video – High Output Foam Party Machine

The ultimate foam party machine is back and better than ever.  The Foam Monster® manufactured by Atlanta Special FX has been recognized around the world as one of the most durable and dependable foam party machines on the market.  The new design is more compact and lightweight with extremely high output.  The new soap bubble party machine is so compact it will fit in the front seat of your car.  New_Foam_Monster_Rear500x500_compactThe new design will mount atop almost any tripod and can be hung from the ceiling if desired.  Upgraded plastic molding allows for increased airflow resulting in a much drier foam than most other foam machines.  The industrial fan has two speeds and this new unit has a detachable cone.  The cone attachment allows the machine to be used as a foam cannon capable of blasting soap bubbles up to 15 feet.  When used as a fountain style machine the Foam Monster® can fill up a small basketball court in minutes.  Watch the demo video below and see for yourself why you should purchase this machine today.

Visit their website today if you are a serious foam partier.

Or call 888-664-0097

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Newly Designed Foam Monster® Foam Party Machine

Newly Designed Foam Monster®

On Monday February 9th, just one day after the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl, Atlanta Special FX released the hottest new foam machine on the market.  The newly designed Foam Monster® is now smaller and sleeker, but with the same high output.  The proprietary combination of components used in the Foam Monster® along with Double Stack concentrate foam party juice, produces one of the highest and driest stacking foams in the business.  Since 2008 Atlanta Special FX has been manufacturing quality foam machines and foam party accessories like inflatable foam pits, foam cannons, and ultra high quality foam soap formula.  The new Foam Monster® foam machine can be rented or purchased by visiting the website at  or you can call to order 888-664-0097

The newly designed foam generator includes a mounting bracket allowing the unit to be installed in multiple different venues.  It can be placed on tripods, mounted to the wall, hung from trussing, or simply hung from the ceiling.  The machine includes a submersible pump and water supply hose.  The latest addition to the already popular unit is the fact that it can now be convertible.  The new design allows a foam cannon style cone to be attached with velocro, or you you can remove the cone and use as a fountain style foam maker.  Check out these photos:

For More Information On This Amazing Foam Party Machine Click Here 




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Atlanta Special FX Expanding In 6 New Markets |Nashville, Dallas, Denver, St Louis, Little Rock and Minneapolis

Atlanta Special FX Cryo Jets For One Republic


February 28 2014: Atlanta Special FX Expanding to New Locations The home office is in Atlanta, Georgia.
New locations opening in Nashville, Dallas, Denver, Little Rock, St Louis, and Minneapolis.

“It is amazing to see this company grow! What started out as an at home business now is a multi million dollar company in multiple cities.” – Jan Pease-Hyneman, CEO of Jan Pease Marketing & Events Atlanta, GA (PRWEB)
Atlanta Special FX is a full service production and special effects manufacturer and rental company. They specialize in out of the box atmospheric special effects including: indoor/outdoor snow effects, co2 cryogenic fog, smoke effects, manmade custom shaped clouds (Cloudvertise®), rain effects, and more. Atlanta Special FX pioneered the amazing visual effect of Cloudvertising and has been branding company logos in the sky for companies like Disney, NASCAR, MLB, WNBA, NFL, NCAA and too many more to mention. Atlanta Special Effects blasted on the scene in 2008 and popularized CO2 cryogenic fog effects and pioneered some of the advanced technology you see today with multiple nozzle jets and laser mounted effects. Atlanta Special FX are in the process of animatronic type movements for their CO2 cryo jets. They are now expanding into 6 new states and replicating the business model. The home office is in Atlanta, Georgia. New locations are now open in Nashville, Dallas, St Louis and Denver. Locations opening soon in Little Rock, and Minneapolis. Over the past few years the success of Atlanta Special FX has led to the request of more local offices that offer the same great customer service and product knowledge that they pride themelves on. They have also been ever evolving and now have multiple patents pending, trademarks and the natural order of things is to recreate themselves and make the companies more convenient to their customers. Their new expansion will save customers thousands of dollars on shipping and also provide experienced onsite technicians to assist with their events. Many customers have travelling productions and this expansion is meant to save them money on many different levels. Atlanta Special FX now has strategic partnerships with many TV and Movie production companies as well and their atmospheric effects are vital to the realism of the filming locations. New and recent product launches include: Triple Nozzle CO2 cryo jet, UV Neon Paint Cannon, Avalanche Snow Machine, Quadruple Nozzle CO2 Cryo Gun Links to recent blogs:
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Atlanta Special FX Collaborates With Pilgrim Studios, WeTV, My Fair Wedding and David Tutera

Recently Atlanta Special FX was honored to collaborate with some of America’s finest wedding planners and production companies to produce a winter white snow themed wedding for David Tutera.  The populare reality TV series My Fair Wedding contracted with Atlanta Special FX to produce the white fluffy falling snow you see in Episode #147 on WeTV.  After weeks of planning the production staff and Pilgrim Studios designed a breathtaking winter wonderland creation and gave the bride and groom the biggest surprise of the show.  Over the past 4 years the snow creation work of Michael Willett and Atlanta Special FX has been featured on multiple reality TV shows and movies including names like ABC’s Extreme Makeover Christmas Special, E1 entertainment’s Party Mama’s, and many more.  “We specialize in adding that wow factor and suspending imagination to produce a realistic effect for our clients” Willett Said.  “This is what we love to do, and it shows.”  Some of the effects used to produce this effect are articial snow blankets, snow flocking, QES-100evaporating snow flakes manufactured by Atlanta Special FX, evaporating snow machines, and “Magic Snow”.  Below is a clip from the collaborative efforts of these great companies to produce realistic snow effects…even if they are indoors.

To create your own artificial snow creation contact:
Michael Willett
Atlanta Special FX

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Great Sale on Handheld CO2 Cryo Guns – Portable Hand Fogger

I know we are normally just a foam party info blog, but this sale was too good to pass up. Read below to learn how you can purchase a Handheld CO2 Cryo Gun perfect for club effects.

This is the sale of the year on CO2 cryo foggers.  The club scene has popularized the portable handheld cryo gun and now Atlanta Special FXhas made it affordable for you.  This sale has never been done by anyone in the industry and may never be done again so don’t miss out.  This cool, literally cool, dj effect is totally mobile and doesnt require any electricity so you can take it into any venue or on the road with minimal efforts, and trust they will work great everytime.  Used with proper lighting it can even be made to look like a flame effect (As seen in the photo above)  In addition if you purchase a cryo kit (Including Backpack and 4 Foot Cryo Hose Seen Below) you will receive 10% off your accessories.  Call today and take advantage of the savings. 404-644-2804

Offered By:
Atlanta Special FX

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Buy or Rent A Foam Cannon From Atlanta Special FX – Dependable Foam Products

The Mini Foam Cannon is now available from Atlanta Special FX for purchase or rental. This lightweight and portable foam cannon machine towers over the competitors. Dont be fooled by the size because this powerhouse throws foam over 15 feet. The lightweight design allows the user to aim and adjust the height of the foam production. With adjustable throttle the foam machine can be used in small venues or large dancefloors. Ideal for college and teen parties. Give the Mini Extreme Foam Cannon a try and you wont be disappointed. Calibrated to work best with Double Stack foam concentrate.

Order Your Foam Cannon Today 404-644-2801 or visit Atlanta Special FX at

Check out the awesome foam party video

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How To Position A Foam Machine For Maximum Coverage – Foam Party Questions

Have you ever rented a foam machine and when you turned it on you just weren’t pleased with the coverage?  If so you are no different from most foam party planners throwing a foam party for the first time.  Sure in the photos and videos foam party websites appear to have super foam coverage, and they do.  In this foam blog we will explore some foam party tips that are sure to help.  First thing you should know is foam moves quickly across an empty dance floor and can quickly cover an area 20 feet by 30 feet.  The foam machines offered for rent by Atlanta Special FX range from 20 feet x 20 feet coverage in 4 minutes to 30 feet x 40 feet with some of the larger machines, such as the Foam Monster TM.  The problem that most first timers encounter is that once there are 200 people dancing in front of the foam machine the foam builds up can only spread out about 10 to 20 feet, and very slowly I might add.  It is almost like the sea of people act as a foam road block.  Tip #1 is to hang the foam machine in the center of the area you want to foam.  This will allow for equal coverage in all directions as the foam stacks up on the floor.  Tip#2 (If you can’t hang in the center) Is to have some sort of external wind source to push the foam across the floor.  This can be any sort of fan, blower, etc.  Tip #3 would be to rent the Mini Foam Cannon and launch the foam 15 to 20 feet in the air and across the room.  However you will notice foam from the foam cannon will not stack quite as high as the fountain style foam machines.  Tip#4 is to combine all the above if your budget will allow it.  Check out the video below using 2 of the fountain style Mini Extremes, 2 Mini Foam Cannons, and an external blower.  A great source for foam answers is and click the

Tip #5 Rent A Foam Machine From A Professional Company With Years Of Experience

Trust Atlanta Special FX 404-644-2801

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What To Wear To A Foam Party in Atlanta?

Rent Foam Machines and Foam Juice

Foam Party in Atlanta

Over the last few weeks we’ve gotten several calls asking about the proper attire for a foam party.  The best advice we can offer is come to the foam party expecting to get wet.  They don’t call them “wet and wild” foam parties for nothing.  First you should consider how interactive you will be with the foam.  If you plan on just running through it a time or too the foam will not get you that wet.  Just slightly damp.  However if you plan on playing, dancing, and whatever else people do in the foam, then I’d plan to wear darker colored clothing (To Avoid See Through T Shirts ) especially the ladies.  You should also plan not to wear your high end Nike Shocks, high heals, etc because they will get wet and dirty by default.  Your clothes should fit firmly to avoid sagging.  And finally you should always make preparation on where to keep you wallet, money, and cell phone.  If you take all the steps we have suggested you will have an enjoyable evening at the foam party and make memories for years.  Atlanta foam parties can be thrown all over the USA and we can help. For more information on how to rent or buy a foam machine call:

Atlanta Special FX

404-644-2801 or visit the foam party webpage 

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Buy Foam Juice, Foam Concentrate, Foam Fluid and All Foam Supplies for Foam Parties

foam party juice

Double Stack Foam

As they say “The early bird catches the worm” and that is true for foam party planners as well.  If you act before March 1, 2012 you can save as much as 15% off of the high performance foam juice manufactured by ATL Special FX.  Double Stack foam fluid has been time-tested and mother approved for safety and performance.  This foam fluid is used by nightclubs and venues all over the world to produce stunning wet and wild foam parties.   If you are a foam party professional you will appreciate the power and money-saving qualities of a 100:1 mixing ratio and high water solubility makes for easy mixing.  This foam juice is super safe, non toxic, eco-friendly and bio degradable.  It dries into a light white powder for easy cleanup.  Check out Double Stack foam concentrate for your next foam party.  For more information on how to order visit

Atlanta Special FX


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Buy A Foam Monster-TM Foam Machine – The Most Powerful Foam Generator

Foam Monster Foam Machine

Photo of the foam monster on the show floor

If you are thinking about purchasing a foam machine this year for your nightclub or summer camp, check out the new “Foam Monster”. This machine is constructed from the finest materials available and works great every time. This fountain style foam machine has a sleek gray gloss powder coated finish and can be mounted on a tripod (cradle included) or hung from a truss our ceiling mount. The new lightweight design allows for many versatile installations. The Foam Monster design also incorporates safety, ease of use, and professional looking presentation. The super high rpm fan with sealed motor will give the user years of high quality foam parties. Dollar for dollar there isn’t another foam machine in the US market that can compare to the $1,250 purchase price. This machine has also been tested time and time again to perform with the proven Double Stack foam concentrate also offered by ATL Special FX. So when the time is right let ATL provide you the highest quality foam machine for the best price available. For more information on the Foam Monster contact Atlanta Special FX at 404-644-2801 or visit the website at


Any Use of the Mark “Foam Monster” TM is strictly prohibited

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