How To Position A Foam Machine For Maximum Coverage – Foam Party Questions

Have you ever rented a foam machine and when you turned it on you just weren’t pleased with the coverage?  If so you are no different from most foam party planners throwing a foam party for the first time.  Sure in the photos and videos foam party websites appear to have super foam coverage, and they do.  In this foam blog we will explore some foam party tips that are sure to help.  First thing you should know is foam moves quickly across an empty dance floor and can quickly cover an area 20 feet by 30 feet.  The foam machines offered for rent by Atlanta Special FX range from 20 feet x 20 feet coverage in 4 minutes to 30 feet x 40 feet with some of the larger machines, such as the Foam Monster TM.  The problem that most first timers encounter is that once there are 200 people dancing in front of the foam machine the foam builds up can only spread out about 10 to 20 feet, and very slowly I might add.  It is almost like the sea of people act as a foam road block.  Tip #1 is to hang the foam machine in the center of the area you want to foam.  This will allow for equal coverage in all directions as the foam stacks up on the floor.  Tip#2 (If you can’t hang in the center) Is to have some sort of external wind source to push the foam across the floor.  This can be any sort of fan, blower, etc.  Tip #3 would be to rent the Mini Foam Cannon and launch the foam 15 to 20 feet in the air and across the room.  However you will notice foam from the foam cannon will not stack quite as high as the fountain style foam machines.  Tip#4 is to combine all the above if your budget will allow it.  Check out the video below using 2 of the fountain style Mini Extremes, 2 Mini Foam Cannons, and an external blower.  A great source for foam answers is and click the

Tip #5 Rent A Foam Machine From A Professional Company With Years Of Experience

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  1. TheBounceMan says:

    Thanks for the great information on setting up your foam machines for maximum coverage. This has been an issue in the past for us but we have managed to correct it thru trial and error. I wish I could have read this earlier. Foam Machine Rentals in Dallas

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